Dotto the Clown Magical Clown

Dotto the Clown Melbourne

DOTTO THE CLOWN/ kids parties kindergartens. play groups, Dotto The Magic Clown- With over 20years expierence performing at shopping centres and private functions. The birthday magic clown is one of the top in his field including expert and unique balloon sculptures and live animals magically produced- Rabbit, Guinea Pig or White Dove.with 20 years experience he is the one for that special birthday party.
Ever since DOTTO was a young boy all he wanted to do was to follow in his father's footsteps. He very fast leant to Juggle and do magic tricks. He performed regularly on the Young talent time which became his stepping stone for bigger and better things. over the years he has performed at shopping centres all over Australia, performed at Schools in 5 states. work his funny character at Restaurants in both Queensland And Victoria. one in Cranburne that lasted for 15 years on Sundays. Also had a 12 Month contract performing close up at Neibourne's restaurant in North of Brisbane where he would travel to both in one night two nights a week.